DoraemonYu's resume

o(∩_∩)o Hello. Nice to meet you here.
When you see this page, which usually is hidden, become public now, it means that I’m hunting new job.
If you think I am suitable, contact me please.



Basic Personal Information

Male, INFJ personality, 30 years old, married.

MCSD, certified by Microsoft;

System-Architect, certified by government agency;

Objective Positions and Work Place

System Architect, Senior Software Engineer, Technical Manager.

In Guangzhou or Foshan City, Guangdong province, China.

Areas of most concern

  • Data structures, algorithms and security;
  • Data and communication, encryption protocols;
  • Microsoft products solution,ex. dotNet, MsSql, Azure;
  • Achitectural style: Suitable, Simple, Evolution;
  • Software industry, smart home/ robot industry, etc;

Excellent development capability

  • Skilled master thousands of win32 api;
  • Familiar with network/ communication protocols;
  • Code written beautiful, able to write specifications and clear technical documentation;
  • Extensive range of study, strong learning ability;
  • Proficiency in agile development;


  • Start using computer since from 1998, when I was 9 years old;
  • 14 years development experience, since from 2005.08;
  • 8 years work experience, since from 2010.12;
  • 1.5 years architectural design experience;
  • 1.5 years team management experience;


English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Chaoshan dialect.

Full version of the resume

Include detailed skill list, experiences and my contact information. Please note it is written in simplified Chinese.