Repositories on Github

Introduce some repositories on Github.

repositories from me

These repositories are created and maintained by me.


A friendly interface library to use SQLHelper. With friendly interface design for developers,support for asynchronous programming. Now it has over 5,000 downloads at Nuget.


Optional related features (such as Entity Conversion, Paging Query, Assembly Decoupling Support, etc.) Which is useful when using MicroDBHelper in your development.


It provide the event deal with page hidden/deactive or visible/active, written by PURE JS, Lightweight and Cross-browser Support.


repositories I am concerned about

These repositories are that I am using, paying close attention or make contributions to.

Go Mobile

The Go mobile repository holds packages and build tools for using Golang on mobile platforms.


A Windows GUI toolkit for the Golang. Its primarily useful for Desktop GUI development, but there is some more stuff.


One library of Shashlik. Shashlik is making the support for the real Linux OS to run android apps.


Tiny JavaScript DOM query library that uses pure CSS selectors.

Simple Post Variable Parameter

Make Asp.Net Webapi support multiple body POST params via JSON and x-form-url-encoded.


A high performance websocket server library powering Stack Overflow. Which is complianced with RFC6455.


Nyancat rendered in your terminal, rendered through ANSI escape sequences. This is the source for the Debian package `nyancat`.


This Open Toolkit library is a fast, low-level C# wrapper for OpenGL and OpenAL. It can be used standalone or inside a GUI on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.


A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker — lightweight, no dependencies, modular CSS.

Fluent Scheduler

Automated job scheduler with fluent interface for dotNet.