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Optional Expansion Packs for [MicroDBHelper]


ExpansionPack :: TransactionWrap

This expansion pack is focus on “Assembly Decoupling”. Allow assemblys that are hierarchical design, conveniently to create Transaction Object, without Reference the “MicroDBHelper.dll”.

It’s useful for those hierarchical design projects, and there is no value for non-hierarchical projects, please make sure your needs.

The root section of documents of all optional expansion packs, please visit here.

Generated for Framework Version:


MicroDBHelper offer friendly interfaces to use DBHelper, and offer Transaction Support as well. All of them are packaged in the single “MicroDBHelper.dll” . After reference it, you can use it anywhere.

However, when you use it in a hierarchical design project, then you will face some closure problem.

For excample ( an 3-tier architecture project ):
We keep the database’s logics ONLY in the DataAccess Layer, but may allow Transaction Begin in Business Layer, even Application Layer ( according to actual needs ) .

As you see, due to the “ All of them are packaged in the single dll”, you SHOULD reference it again in Business Layer and up layers, JUST in order to use MicroDBTransaction.

Maybe we can solve this problem by some design patterns or development agreements, but it’s not very rigorous for the Closures Principle, isn’t it?

Therefore, library offer a solution with assembly-level to solve it. Let us look this:
Now, we use an wrapper from this expansion pack(MicroDBTransaction) to instead of “MicroDBHelper.dll”. It just an wrapper, no more logics in it and just make the assemblys to be decoupling.

Business Layer and up layers use TransactionWrap type ; Public interfaces from DataAccess Layer also use TransactionWrap type, and use MicroDBTransaction type inner and finally invoke with MicroDBHelper class, library will automatically identify TransactionWrap as MicroDBTransaction .


Implicit conversion

:) Just feel free to use TransactionWrap.
Because of library will automatically identify TransactionWrap as MicroDBTransaction.

So firstly, all the usages with properties and methods in TransactionWrap is same as those in MicroDBTransaction ( link ) ; Secondly, you could just pass the TransactionWrap instance to those methods that is define MicroDBTransaction type parameter without any manual conversion.

Begin transaction

The tiny difference in code is that when begin Transaction, use TransactionWrap.UseTransaction instead of MicroDBHelper.UseTransaction. ( We can change these codes smoothly with the bulk text replacement tool. )

Notes & Recommend

This expansion pack was an wrapper and finally call logics in “MicroDBHelper.dll” as well.
So just one thing to do is, make sure that assemblies of current AppDomain MUST at least one reference the “MicroDBHelper.dll”.

Like the example above, DataAccess Layer is part of the AppDomain and reference “MicroDBHelper.dll” , then other layers who use the wrap whitout reference “MicroDBHelper.dll” wolud still work properly.

Download compiled binary file

If you needn’t to got the code and bulid by yourself for the moment, I also offer the newest compiled file in the BUILD directiory for your convenience.

Build Directory


Install-Package MicroDBHelper-ExpansionPack-TransactionWrap link

o(∩_∩)o The root section of documents of all optional expansion pack, please visit here.