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About Me

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o(∩_∩)o Hello. My name is Doraemon Yu.

I come from China, a senior software engineer with 14 years development experience and 8 years work experience.
Simultaneously, I am MCSD (certified by Microsoft) and System-Architect (certified by government agency).

In my spare time, except development, I like to read English story books, flowers, traveling and scientific research. By the way, as my enlish name, I am a fan of Doraemon ~\(≧▽≦)/~


About Studio

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幻蓝工作室 is my personal studio, which is nonprofit purposes.

Now it mainly providedIt the free softwares written by me, some fun and useful IT services, and so on.

The studio was founded in 1999, when I was primary school students, the initial output was handmade, Later, gradually, the output was IT-related content. = ̄ω ̄= As you see, I likes to imagine and create when I was a child , so over the years, the studio has witnessed my growth.

If you are interested to know more, there are some of my websites I hope to share to you (Simplified Chinese):